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Artistic Statement

Photography enhances our lives through engaging images that connect us to the place we live, the natural beauty that surrounds us, and the creativity of the human spirit. On a personal level, photography enables us to remember, relive and share the memorable events in our lives that define and reinforce the values by which we live. I focus on these areas:

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1. Home Pride:

Images that celebrates the special character of the city we call home;


2. Natural Beauty:

Images that capture the magnificent natural beauty of our world;


3. Human Creativity/Great Places:

Images showcasing human creativity in design, architecture, engineering and artistic expression;

The Outlaw and the Law

4. The Human Spirit:

Images that inspire, inform, entertain, and motivate us to reflect on human nature.

By sharing these images, I seek to enable viewers to expand their awareness of the world around them, reflect on the values that drive their actions, and celebrate with wonder, gratitude, and pride the world in which they find themselves.

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Steve Majsak

Studio Steve Photography

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